Residence  & Housing

  On campus

International students may live in the students' dorm or have an apartment or a room arranged for them by the University. 

But the living conditions are rather Spartan: two or three persons to a room, eight rooms on each floor, one kitchen, two toilets. Students cannot select their rooms. The number of rooms is limited, and, therefore, early applications will be given priority. 
In addition, some students may be uncomfortable with the rather strict dormitory rules.

 Accommodation On Campus :.
GENERAL HOSTEL 2 person(s) per room, 8 rooms on each floor,two toilets and shower.  
                              Fee   :   323,000 CFA[210,000]
                   Duration    :    6  months

PRIVATE HOSTEL : 2 person(s) in self contain
                        Fee  :    420,000 CFA [270,000 NAIRA]
                  duration :   6 Months

Off - Campus Housing

Rent amounts depends on the location, size and condition of the apartment. As a rule, apartments offered for rent are supplied with furniture and basic household .

Current average prices start 80,000NAIRA[with roomie] for one-room apartments and 145,000NAIRA for room & parlour apartments.

Housing Schedule of  Housing Fee

For off campus accommodation, rent amount depends on the location, size and condition of the apartment.  Rent ranges from:
Room and Parlor self con [with roof tops]  :      225,000 CFA [ 145,000  ].
                                    Staying with Roomie  :      130,000 CFA [80,000 NAIRA] 
                                                Duration          :  6  months | Caution ( water & electricity )